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About Me

I'm Simon, I was born in 1971. I've been an enthusiast of music for almost all of the time I've been alive and I've been a working DJ since I was 16. 

That DJ at a wedding who plays the same predictable songs regardless of the audience. The DJ who doesn't play your requests. The DJ who thinks he's a minor celebrity and is on the mic between every song. That's not me. 

I play music, I mix music, I play at an appropriate volume and I respect the intelligence of my audience. My musical knowledge and experience means I can credibly play anything from party classics to the latest club tunes. Your own song choices won't be ignored and I relish the opportunity to stray away from the expectations of a wedding or corporate DJ, without compromising the dancefloor or upsetting the less-adventurous members of the crowd. 

I'm presentable, polite and respectful. I arrive early and finish on time. Venues like me, I'll never drink alcohol on the job and I work well with bands, musicians, photographers, videographers, staff and caterers.

If you have any questions about how I play or what I play, please feel free to send me an email or give me a call.  

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