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I want to commission one of your illustrations...what now?

First of all, thanks. Any interest in my work is a compliment. 

The next thing to do is send me an email, ideally with some pictures of the car attached. The email address is down there at the bottom of the page surrounded by that strange black lozenge that looks a bit like a long skateboard deck.

I can usually turn around the images pretty quickly (less than a week), if it's going to take longer than that, I'll let you know at the time of your order.

I''m self-taught and old, my computer is old and the program I use to help create the images is old too. The image you receive won't be spangly vector will be a 28cm wide image at 300dpi - it will blow up big enough for a nice print, but will probably look a bit dodgy on the side of a bus. If you're not sure on the sizing, email me and I'll send over a sample for you to check out.

Your finished image is yours to do whatever you like with - make it into a decal and stick it on a cow, frame it and put it in your Nan's house, get it printed on your girlfriend's bra or onto your boss' favourite mug at work, whatever you want. Two things though: 1: If you use it to make a load of money, I'd like some. 2. I can do stuff with it too...cows, bras, mugs, Instagram, Facebook..all that stuff.

Payment is by bank transfer or Paypal. I'll let you know the details when you send your pictures.

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