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Hey people! I'm Simon.

I was born way back in 1971 and I am obsessed with cars. You can find my work every month in Classic Ford Magazine and Street Machine Magazine where you'll see things from my brain appear in full colour through the magical combined processes of illustration and printing. Wow.

I'm based in Kent (UK) with my lovely wife, four children (the youngest of which is 16) and a silly dog. I'm a moderator on the splendid Retro-Rides forum, I like bicycles without suspension or gears, I'm a DJ,  a member of the Paintscrapers VW Club, I currently drive a slow-but-fun 1988 Mk2 Fiesta and an awesome-but-knackered 1993 Toyota Previa. Also on the vehicle ownership list is a 1978 VW Bay Window panel van which is being converted into a mobile DJ booth, but we don't mention it too much because it's now nearly three years into a five-week build and it's less finished than the day it started!. I'm a vegan (but hopefully not an annoying one). I dabble in photography, but know my limits. Back in the 90's I ran 'Raving Mad Designs' (hence the rmad moniker), a mostly VW-centric T shirt and sticker company. I also worked for Santa Pod Raceway around the same time (where I designed the Bug Jam logo) and single-handedly invented rat-look*.


Car-wise, marque loyalty does not exist - I've owned British classics, old school Japanese, air and watercooled VWs, SAABs, Volvos and some old rear-engined Skodas. If it's a car, then I'm interested - if it's old (or even old-ish) or low I'm more interested and if it's old and low then just try and keep me away!

*I obviously didn't invent rat-look, but Raving Mad Designs did introduce the 'Rust'n'Prime' category at VW shows.

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